Vote for SCOTT WILSON for Duval County Clerk of the Court

During this past year our council has been tested with the once in a lifetime attempt to sell JEA which would have hurt our families and our future as a City. As City Council President, I was the first to call publically for the end of the sale of JEA. I stood up to pressure and called it like I saw it—the corruption had to stop. As Council President, I then created a Special Investigative Committee charged with finding out who was to blame for the JEA fraud.

My name is Scott Wilson and I am a candidate for Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts.

I would appreciate your vote based upon my experience and my fight to expose the fraud of JEA last fall.


I have extensive experience in the Clerk of Courts office beginning as an entry level employee, and then earning promotion up through the ranks to the highest civil service position in the Clerk’s Office.  I was privileged to serve in the courtrooms and worked with the day to day operations of citizens approaching the courts with cases (Traffic Violations, Misdemeanors, Circuit Civil, Family Law, Small Claims, Evictions and Marriage Licenses). I also served in management positions overseeing the Center for Prevention of Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Probate Court.

My opponents have Clerk’s office experience, but not as extensive as mine.  What they don’t have:


Since July 2007, I have served in the office of the Jacksonville City Council. I worked several years as an executive assistant to a council member and then I was elected as a Council Member to represent the citizens of District 4  (central Southside).  As a Council Member, I served as chairman of the Land Use and Zoning Committee during my first year and the Neighborhoods Committee my second year. In both years, I was awarded the Awards for the Most Outstanding Committee Chair of City Council. I was elected by all other Council Members to serve as their Vice President from 2018-2019, then elected to serve as President of the City Council during the 2019-2020 council year.

I would love to earn your support as a candidate for Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts. I have the experience in the Courts and experience in the City Council.  I can work with all groups in the City and I will stand up to corruption.  Feel free to contact me anytime.

Scott Wilson